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you may ask...

Why choose us

With 16 years experience in the industry, owning a family run spa in Wiltshire, husband and wife team Nikki and Julian Spicer decided to launch Vita Spa Solutions. Having run their award winning spa together, they draw upon their experiences to bring solutions to other spa and salon owners.
We have seen how machines can transform a business, yet we know that some of the machines on the market require a huge investment. We believe that you need people who understand your business to make the right investment.

Nikki & Jules Spicer

Nikki’s career began when she trained in Sports Massage with The London School of Sports Massage in 2003. She then went on to train with Body Control Pilates to become a qualified instructor. Nikki began Vita Skin Spa from just one room with two therapists and has grown the business to eight treatment rooms and a team of fifteen. Nikki has trained in many other treatments along the way, including our slimming treatments, but her passion remains in advanced massage.

In the summer of 2012 Julian joined the Vita Skin Spa team full-time, managing operations, technical support and to work with Nikki in the general management and future growth of the spa, having been in the background part-time since the beginning. Previously his career was in telecoms, and was a Sales Director of a Vodafone Platinum dealer for 15 years. Since the expansion of Vita, the spa has grown each year, as has our wonderful team. Nikki & Julian married in 2010 and have two small children, Zachary (9) & Amelia (7).

You may be wondering...

Why you should add aesthetic machines to your business

If there is one thing you should add to your business for 2020, it’s a new machine. Every year since 2013 we have added an aesthetic machine to our business and each one has given the biggest increase in our turnover in those years. Our two body contouring machines have brought us an additional £36,000 in revenue each year! We can offer the latest in technology, support on social media, free training and great customer service which, in our experience, is what most companies in our industry just don’t seem to have accomplished. Over the years we have been sold so many machines from various companies and then been left with no support and no understanding for the importance of our client bookings when machines go wrong. Our past experiences and our spa business, make us the perfect partner to grow your business.

We understand

your needs

Arising from a frustration with some brands and machine manufacturers customer service, particularly when problems occurs, Nikki and Jules launch their range of aesthetic machines with an emphasis on great customer service and quick solutions to problems. When a machine needs fixing, every spa or salon owner’s worst nightmare is when the manufacturer says you need to send your machine back to be fixed but they have no replacement service machine. In this instance, we have to cancel client appointments, disappointing them and loosing important revenue. At Vita Spa Solutions, we believe that if you invest in a machine, you need people who understand the importance of minimal disruption.

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We are happy to discuss directly with you, how we started with advanced aesthetics and how it transformed our business. We won't just sell you a machine and leave you to it, we will give you the help you need to make this a success for you. Email us below or call on 01722-433222

1. Purchase your machine from us

We discuss the right machine that fits your needs, which you can purchase directly from us saving you thousands on other machines with huge mark-ups.

2. Full Training and collect you machine at the same time

We give you a training date for you and all your current team, no extra cost for extra members like many other suppliers. We organise your training date with us and you collect your machine at the same time, or we deliver on a convenient date for you.

3. Start treatments with confidence and full social media support

We help you decide on your treatments and help price them to your client base, so you can maximise profits without over pricing. We base prices upon our years of actual experience in the industry, not made up figures. We support you with regular social media updates.