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Limited Company No. 12333819


Improves oily skin, reduces swollen capillaries
Cyan LED - 490nm
Cell rejuvenation, repairs skin, brightens and clears blemishes
Purple LED - 308nm
Tightens and tones, increases lymphatic drainage, alleviates sunburn and rosacea
Yellow LED - 590nm
Reduces hyperpigmentation, helps rosacea and is anti-inflammatory
Green LED - 560nm
Improves lines and wrinkles, increases collagen, pain reduction
Red LED - 633nm
Anti bacterial, treats acne, reduces redness and regulates oil glands
Blue LED - 415nm
  • which conditions can be
  • . Treated with LED
  • Acne & blemishes

    Skin sensitivity

    Eczema & psoriasis


    Signs of ageing

    Dry & dehydrated skin

    Crepey, fragile skin

    Pigmentation & uneven skin tone

    Cold sores

  • what can you
  • . Combine with LED
  • Add to any facial and use during the mask phase – Extra revenue with no treatment time added

    After microneedling

    After peels

    After dermaplaning

    After microdermabrasion

    After body contouring

    We suggest an upgrade charge of £25 to add LED to existing treatments (when no treatment time is added) plus £1 per minute for added treatment time.

  • why choose
  • . LED Pro for your business
  • Seven light colour rejuvenation, including circulating cycle

    Far infrared heat for pain management

    Sleek, slimline, foldable design for easy storage

    Suitable for face and body treatments, more adaptable than mask design

    Can be used for standalone treatments or used as an upgrade to other services

    Combine with any facials, non surgical face lift, microneedling, peels, dermaplaning, body contouring.

    Very competitive price with ongoing technical support.

     Emphasis on excellent customer service

    No consumables cost

    High return on investment

    Training manual included

    One year warranty

    Social media support

a Cost effective addition

Low investment, no consumables

standalone treatment or value added extra

family run business with 16 years

experience in the spa industry

understanding you and your needs

very competitive prices

with ongoing technical support

and excellent customer service