Vita Spa Solutions Ltd, 26 St Ann Street, Salisbury, Wilts, SP1 2DP


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Upper arms and Chest (men only)
2 x Small Handpiece
Inner/outer thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen
2 x Medium handpiece
Upper and lower abdomen
1 x Large Handpiece
Chin and neck area
1 x Chin Handpiece
  • Which areas can we
  • . Freeze with fat freezing
  • Upper arms

    Back & love handles


    Chest (men only)

    Hips & buttocks

    Inner & outer thighs

    NEW Technology – Chin / neck

  • what are the
  • . Benefits for the client
  • Pain free & non-invasive

    No down-time

    Permanent fat removal

    Up to 40% reduction

    Selectively targets fat cells

    Short, one hour treatment

    Kick start a healthy lifestyle

    Treat stubborn areas that diets cannot target

    Similar results to liposuction without recovery

    No scarring or recovery time

  • why choose
  • . Li-Pro2 for your business
  • 2x Small, 2x medium and 1x large handpiece

    2 Areas treated simultaneously, increase revenue without increasing treatment times.

    Additional chin attachment, a frequently requested area

     Free-standing wheeled machine

     Combine with our Li-Pro Sculpt to offer a follow-on cavitation course

    Very competitive price with ongoing technical support.

     Emphasis on excellent customer service

    Small consumables cost of just £4 per treatment area

    High return on investment

    Only 11 areas needed to cover the cost of the machine.

    Free training for all current staff

    One year warranty

    Social media support

How quickly can I pay off my machine and

How much can I earn?

We've all seen the calculators that say you can add thousands of pounds to your turnover, but, we have often found they were unrealistic figures imagined by, we have used our OWN figures as the default, based on REAL data.

You can use the ROI calculator here to select your own prices.

Prices based on our own menu in Wiltshire

Fat freezing can be offered as a standalone treatment to the client. This price is what we recommend for the standalone treatment. We recommend that they have a follow on course of body contouring. If you have our Vita Li-Pro Sculpt, you can offer a follow on course of 6 body contouring using cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum. Alternatively you can price your cryolipolysis course to include one fat freezing session with 3 body contouring sessions to follow.

As with the one area, we begin with a cryolipolysis session on two areas, followed by three body contouring sessions, either weekly, or spread throughout the 12 weeks that the cryolipolysis is working. This is particularly good for clients who have a shorter deadline like an event or you feel need the motivation of an instant treatment, while they wait to see the full results of the fat freezing. You would need our Vita Li-Pro ICE and the Vita Li-Pro Sculpt to offer the follow on treatments.

You may wish to offer your clients a standalone cryolipolysis for two areas. This price is what we recommend for a standalone treatment. Alternatively you may wish to offer a course to include body contouring sessions to follow. Some clients travel a long way for their cryolipolysis, so they may not be able to commit to the follow on course. If this is the case, arrange a follow up call or consultation to check they are following the aftercare advice.

You cannot use cavitation on the face and neck, so your under chin treatment can either be a standalone fat freezing, or you can include a follow on course of radio frequncy with vacuum to the under chin area. You could also include a full facial in the follow on treatments so the client gets a full radio frequency to include the chin. (price this accordingly) This price is our recommendation for the cryolipolysis with three twenty minute sessions on the under chin area with radio frequency and vacuum. These sessions can be weekly following the fat freezing, or spread accross the 12 weeks. You would need our Vita Li-Pro Sculpt to offer the follow on course.

This is what we recommend to our clients as we find the body contoruing gives good instant results, while they are waiting for the results from the fat freezing. It also helps to firm and tone and helps the lipolysis process, making the cryolipolysis results more effective. You would need our Vita Li-Pro Sculpt machine as well as the Vita Li-Pro ICE, to offer this.

If you think a client needs more body contouring sessions, you can recommend a cryolipolysis and then a course of 6 body contoruing treatments using the Vita Li-Pro Sculpt. Add this price for the course of six to either the stabdalone price of a one area or two area fat freezing depending on the area. You would do the same number of body contoruing sessions regardless of what area they have done with the fat freezing as if they are having a double area of the inner thighs, you would do both inner thighs in the body contouring session.

a Cost effective addition

Low investment, no consumables

standalone treatment or value added extra

family run business with 16 years

experience in the spa industry

understanding you and your needs

very competitive prices

with ongoing technical support

and excellent customer service