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Newest 40khz
Cavitation Handpiece
For the body
Large Vacuum, LED & RF handpiece
For the body
Large RF Handpiece
For smaller body areas
Medium RF Handpiece
For the face and neck
Bi-Polar RF Handpiece
For the face and neck
Small Vacuum, LED & RF Handpiece
  • Which areas can we
  • . Treat with body contouring
  • Upper arms

    Love handles


    ‘Brazilian Bum Lift’

    Hips & thighs

    Back (RF & vacuum only)

    Face/chin/neck RF & vacuum only

  • what are the
  • . Benefits for the client
  • Pain free & non-invasive

    No down-time

    Permanent fat removal

    Instant results

    Selectively targets fat cells

    Short, one hour treatment

    Works very well following a cryolipolysis treatment

    Treat stubborn areas that diets cannot target

    Cellulite reduction, firming & toning

    Lose inches in just one session

  • why choose
  • . Sculpt for your business
  • NEW 40khz cavitation with ergonomic handpiece

    New technology combining vacuum, LED & RF in one handpiece

    Radio frequency handpieces in three different sizes for the face & body

    Multiple treatments including body contouring, ‘Brazilian bum lift’, cellulite reduction, under chin contouring and RF facials

    High margins

    Combine with our Li-Pro ICE & ICE 2 to offer a follow-on cavitation course

    Very competitive price with ongoing technical support.

     Emphasis on excellent customer service

    Small consumables cost of just 50p per treatment area

    High return on investment

    Only 13 courses of six needed to cover the cost of the machine.

    Free training for all current staff

    One year warranty

    Social media support

How quickly can I pay off my machine and

How much can I earn?

We've all seen the calculators that say you can add thousands of pounds to your turnover, but, we have often found they were unrealistic figures imagined by, we have used our OWN figures as the default, based on REAL data.

You can use the ROI calculator here to select your own prices.

Prices based on our own menu in Wiltshire

We recommend booking courses of six treatments. However, some clients like to have one off treatments before an event or to try the treatment before committing to a course so it is good to have a single treatment on your menu.

A course of this treatment should be used on one area only, ie. The abdomen. Clients will often ask to sue a course over different areas, but this won’t be effective. Encourage them to do a whole course of one area and then move on to the next area with a second course.

Currently a very popular treatment to sculpt and lift the buttocks. Simialr to the cavitation, offer as a single treatment and as a course.

This treatment is best offered as a course of six, treatments done once/twice weekly.

This is a great follow on for a client who has had a cryolipolysis under their chin. It can also be done without the fat freezing as a standalone treatment

You can offer this as a short 30 minute treatment or you can encourage them to book a full course of RF facials and include the chin and neck.

You can offer this as a facial and combine with the products that you currently use in your salon or spa. This can be offered as a one hour facial. You could also offer RF as an upgrade to your existing facials or to make an advanced version of other facials.

RF works best when offered as a course. You can offer a full 1 hour facial including RF as a course. A course of 10 is advisable but you could also offer a course of 5 or 6 depending on how you structure your courses.

This is using the same process as your body contoruing treatment but you may wish to have this seperately on your menu for people who are most concerned with their cellulite that fat reduction. This is also a one hour treatment and can be done once or twice weekly. You could combine this with toning products from a current range you are using. We like the Thalgo body firming range.

a Cost effective addition

Low investment, no consumables

standalone treatment or value added extra

family run business with 16 years

experience in the spa industry

understanding you and your needs

very competitive prices

with ongoing technical support

and excellent customer service